Residential roofing services we offer

Ashber Home Improvement

If your home’s roof is in poor condition, you could be in store for a series of expensive repairs. Leaks, cracks, and poor energy efficiency are all the result of a deteriorating roof. Worse, a damaged roof can affect other aspects of your home. Not only can leaks damage other parts of your home, but before you know it, your HVAC bills may be skyrocketing because of lack of temperature control. Before the costs get out of hand, contact Ashber Home Improvement.



Your roof is a huge investment for your home. It is the barrier between rainfall and your most prized possessions. But not only that, it is integral to the overall well being of your home. Additionally, your gutter system works hand and hand with your roof. A dysfunctional gutter system can impact your home’s structural integrity.

Ashber Home Improvement we offer a wide variety of services for your residential roof. Not only do we install shingle and torch down roofs, but we detect and repair leaks, inspect gutters and downspouts, and much more. Our complete list of residential roofing services is as follows:

Emergency Roof Repairs

Roof damage caused by storms often calls for emergency repairs. Depend on a trusted roofing company during this stressful time.

Leak Detection and Repair 

Sometimes leaks can go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Have a professional determine the origin and extent of your roof leak.

Storm, Wind, Hail, Damage Roof Repair

The biggest threat to your roof is severe weather. Severe weather can come at any time, we are here to help.

Gutters & Downspouts

A damaged gutter system can cause major problems to your property. Don’t let a bad gutter system ruin your foundation.

Roof Installations 

Trust a reputable professional to install your shingle or tile roof. An improper roof installation can cause long term problems.

Roof Repair and Maintenance 

Have your roof inspected before the expenses start to pile up. Let our professionals keep your roof in great condition.

Shingle Roofing & Repair

The consensus roofing choice for most homeowners. Versatility is a major part of shingle roof appeal.

Tear Off and Replacement Roofs 

A roof nearing the end of its lifespan may need to be replaced. Ashber Home Improvement is your one stop roofing solution.